SPOTLIGHT: Sen. Darren Bailey: “Demanding Transparency and Accountability” in Illinois Gov

Written by Benjamin Smith

Next year, Illinois voters will have the opportunity to cast their vote for gubernatorial candidates in the March 15, 2022 primary election. If we surveyed citizens around the state, I believe most everyone, regardless of political affiliation, would say they would vote for a candidate that offers hope, displays bold and courageous leadership, and embraces transparency and accountability.

This edition of Spotlight features Monte Larrick’s interview with just such an individual: Darren Bailey (R-Louisville), current Illinois state senator (formerly a state representative) and Republican candidate for governor. His career in Springfield has exposed the utter incompetence (or is it rank sinfulness?) exhibited by Illinois government’s liberal majority. Senator Bailey knows it’s time for change. In his travels throughout the state, one message has been clear – “People are hungry for change. They’re hungry for something real.”

Monte and Senator Bailey discuss his motivation for seeking the governorship; the need for more conservatives to run for public office, especially for school board and other local positions; the importance of a Christian or home-based education in contrast with the abysmal state of Illinois’ public schools; and the Pritzker tax hike that was supposed to fund critical infrastructure updates. Senator Bailey also presents eye-opening facts about the future of energy in Illinois – facts that our elected officials and the energy industry don’t want us to know.

In addition to representing the 55th district in the Illinois Senate, Darren Bailey is a lifelong farmer and co-founder, with his wife Cindy, of Full Armor Christian Academy.

More information about Darren is available at his campaign website, Bailey for Illinois, and his Facebook page.

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