SPOTLIGHT: Dr. Allan Carlson on Rebuilding a Pro-Family Civilization

Written by Benjamin Smith

America was founded on the principles of Holy Scripture. The Puritans and Pilgrims socially embodied these principles by espousing early, and largely universal, marriage; high fertility rates; complementary gender roles; family autonomy and family independence. Continuing an earlier conversation, Dr. Allan C. Carlson, founder of the World Congress of Families, joins Monte Larrick to explore the connection between strong, biblical families and healthy societies.

Monte and Allan discuss the obstacles to reconstructing a culture of marriage and pro-family civilization, as well as how to most effectively express and promote social conservatism. To conclude the podcast, Allan considers what type of person might best represent and champion social conservatism in the political sphere.

An author and editor, Dr. Carlson is also the John Howard Senior Fellow at International Organization for the Family. To read more from Dr. Carlson, visit International Organization for the FamilyIFN (, and the journal, The Natural Family.

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