Number of Sex Offenders Caught at The Border Tripled Since Last Year

Written by Daniel Horowitz

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled … sex offenders … yearning to …” Wait … what?

Customs and Border Protection announced yesterday that more than 100,000 illegal aliens were apprehended at the border. That is more than any time in recent history except for the peak months of the 2019 border crisis. And it’s getting worse every day. But what few people have noticed is that it’s not just impoverished illegal aliens coming in. The cartels and smugglers use that flow of family units and children to tie down border agents with processing and medical care while they bring in some of the worst human beings alive, including previously deported sex offenders.

Buried in the newly released border apprehension numbers is the deduced fact that year-to-date, CBP is apprehending, on average, more than three times the number of sex offenders they did in fiscal year 2020.

As you can see, after just five months of this fiscal year, CBP has caught more sex offenders than it did during the entire FY 2020, for an annualized pace of more than three times that of last year and greater than any other year since the agency started tracking apprehensions by criminal category.

Remember, under the Trump administration, many criminal aliens and sex offenders were deported. Now is the perfect time for them to re-enter the country. The cartels have been known to strategically bring over the criminal aliens who don’t want to meet a border agent while the smugglers are tying down the agents with the family units. The cartels typically charge more to bring over the high-value individuals. Thus, if 210 were caught despite this successful business model, how many of them do you think we did not catch while the Border Patrol plays babysitter?

Based on data obtained by TheBlaze from a border agent, just for the month of February, CBP recorded 26,825 “gotaways.” They calculate these numbers based on a mix of counting footprints in the ground and adding them to the hits they get on all the cameras and sensors. Then they compare those suspected infiltrations against the apprehension numbers. The difference between the two is the rough estimation of how many people got away that day in the given area of operation.

However, given how taxed the Border Patrol is at this point, it’s truly hard to imagine they are fully aware of all the gotaways. One veteran border patrol agent who spoke to TheBlaze anonymously because he was not authorized to speak to the media believes those numbers are much higher.

“None of my partners are properly counting and recording the gotaway numbers,” said the agent, who patrols the front lines in Texas. “With the stress of the border flow and all the COVID regulations on our operations, that is the last thing on the mind of an agent. The number of gotaways in Texas is likely exponentially higher.”

What this all means is that the invitation for the world’s impoverished people to crash our border is allowing the cartels to strategically bring over many more criminal aliens than we can imagine. As I reported earlier, the Cochise County Sheriff’s Department estimates that only 35% of those detected on their cameras are apprehended and that most of them are drug runners and criminal aliens.

As I’ve reported from covering immigration over the years, sex offenders, particularly child sex offenders, have been rampant among the illegal alien population from certain countries. A quick look at the past few years of ICE enforcement data reveals that ICE typically arrests illegal aliens who have a cumulative tally of 12,000-15,000 sex offense charges and convictions every year. That’s an awful lot of sex offenders who have been deported in recent years and are likely trying to get back into the country while Biden is offering them the perfect cover of the family units.

According to data from Girls Not Brides, a global nonprofit against child marriage, the child marriage rates for girls in Latin American countries from which we are seeing an increase in illegal immigration are particularly high, especially in rural areas. The organization estimate that 34% of all married Honduran women were with their male spouses as minors.

One report from only 30 percent of North Carolina counties found that in just an 18-month period in 2018 and 2019, more than 331 illegal aliens have been charged with 1,172 child rapes and child sexual assaults. Just one year’s arrests by ICE’s small forces netted illegal aliens who were charged with a total of 6,888 “sex offenses,” 5,350 “sexual assaults,” and 1,739 “commercialized sexual assaults.”

Consequently, every time you see large numbers of illegal alien families tying down our border agents, just realize that thousands of previously deported criminal aliens, including sex offenders, are sneaking in surreptitiously and being brought in strategically.

Even for the few criminal aliens who are caught, you can’t assume that they will be re-incarcerated. Not only have ICE removals in the interior plummeted 60% under the Biden administration, but officials are releasing even some of the criminals who are freshly caught re-entering the country illegally. U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton, who is hearing Texas’ challenge to Biden’s order suspending deportations, said that recent human smugglers caught in Texas were released. Human smuggling is a felony which would have gotten then immediately removed in the past.

The flood of criminal aliens together with the torrent of migrants is the biggest reason why the border wall needs to be completed. One Texas lawmaker is pushing a bill that would enable the Lone Star State to go it alone and complete the wall. However, given that what comes to Texas doesn’t stay in Texas, all the states have an obligation to help Texas fund the wall. After all, do we really need the world’s sex offenders to come here, besides our own?

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