Keep Crete Township Republican!

Members of the staff and the board of directors of Illinois Family Action have been vetting candidates throughout the state, looking to endorse good conservative candidates for school boards, township/village officials, library districts and more.

We have some great recommendations for you in Crete Township for the upcoming Consolidated Election. We recommend the following Republican slate of candidates for Township Positions. Under the conservative leadership of this Republican slate, the township has maintained a balanced budget and remains completely debt-free.

For Supervisor: Mike Liccar

For Clerk: Jim Buiter

For Assessor: Mary Margaret Tamez

For Collector: Laura Elton

For Highway Commissioner: AnthonyTony” Recupito

Trustees: Frank “Bambino” Elton, Bob Hodge, Cheryl Albrecht and Jim Piacentini

PLEASE! Take these local elections seriously. It is our responsibility to vote in the upcoming Consolidated Election on or before April 6th. We cannot overemphasize the importance of your participation in these local elections. The Democrats are working diligently to take over.

If you have questions, want to join IFA or would like to help with this election, please contact us at and remember, for Crete Township, vote for the Republican slate of candidates.

Thank you and God Bless You!

David E. Smith
Illinois Family Action

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