SPOTLIGHT: A Biblical View of Gambling (Part 1)

Written by David E. Smith

With our state and nation focused on the pandemic, the new administration in Washington, D.C., and other pressing issues, the subject of gambling has been lost in the shuffle (no pun intended). Thanks in part to the Rebuild Illinois Act of 2019, which unleashed massive gambling expansion in the Land of Lincoln, the gaming industry has been able to thrive due to sports betting and other forms of online gambling – despite COVID-19 lockdowns and protocols – while many small businesses were forced to close up shop forever.

This week on Spotlight we welcome Ken Darnell, a godly man and a gambling researcher who has studied gambling from both a theological and anthropological perspective. Ken highlights the history of gambling in America and details how government switched from protecting citizens from the evils of gambling to actively promoting it for self-serving reasons. Monte, Ken, and I also consider the social cost and the addictive nature of gambling. As the podcast concludes, Ken addresses what the Bible says about gambling and why Christians should resolutely oppose it.

Would you like to learn more about the devastating effects of gambling and how to stand against it? Call Ken or Jerry Prosapio, co-founders of Gambling Exposed, at (708) 389-1127 and invite them to speak at your church.

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