Today’s Mad Science: Hijacked and Repurposed to Suit Progressive Agendas

Written by Robert Knight

With Biden/Harris ensconced in the White House, we’re being instructed to cheer the return of “science” as a guide to public policy.

The inference is that all important decisions during the Trump years were made by reading tea leaves or conferring with the Amazing Kreskin.

So, back to “science.” If only.

Like anything else of consequence, much of science has been hijacked and repurposed to suit progressive agendas. As such, it’s no longer real science but selectively publicized “studies,” enforced by guilds like the American Psychological Association or the climate Chicken Littles.

How else to explain the ruling elites’ insistence that “men” can have babies and that “women” who shave, have male musculature and male DNA are objectively female? And that this is “scientific?”

The people most often appalled by this blatant dishonesty are religious conservatives — observant Jews, conservative Catholics and evangelical Christians. Like the little boy in “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” they’re baffled that so many people can ignore their own eyes and common sense.

For the most part, with some notable exceptions, Muslims are staying out of this. Even though they support sharply defined gender roles, they know they have to take a pass if they want to be part of the governing Democratic coalition of radicalized identity groups. Same for Black Democrats, who must have winced when Joe Biden declared, “Transgender equality is the civil rights issue of our time.”

The war on science is a war on truth and conscience. For too long, religious folks have struck a defensive posture, that is, slow surrender. Underneath the repeated assaults by the LGBTQ lobby on norms of any kind is the assumption that the Bible is invalid, nature is what you make of it and truth is irrelevant.

When cultures no longer believe that truth is important or even attainable, they devolve into “might makes right” authoritarianism. That’s what the church, and anyone of sound mind, is facing now.

Resorting only to abstract claims of civil rights instead of battling dangerous, meritless assumptions paves the way for marginalization at best, and persecution at worst.

The Big Lie now is that people with traditional beliefs about sex, gender, marriage or even American exceptionalism are bigots. That is, they’re haters who need to be legally suppressed.

A political cartoon in The Washington Post shows Joe Biden pasting up several executive orders to cover up the word BIGOTRY. The orders include lifting the military’s ban on transgender behavior and forcing schools to allow opposite-sex students into restrooms, locker rooms and sports teams, thus eliminating modesty. “Science” in action.

Like the term “racist,” the charge of “bigotry” ends all discussion. It implies that an opponent’s views are not only wrong but that anyone who holds them must be silenced. Herbert Marcuse, the Marxist theorist from the Frankfurt School, called this “repressive tolerance.” It’s what the Big Tech companies are now doing every day to conservatives.

It’s also the stance taken by the “science” crowd that insists, against all evidence, that babies in the womb aren’t human and can be “terminated” at any developmental stage up to birth. Anyone who says otherwise hates women.

Because scientific proof of the uniqueness of each human being from conception is so overwhelming, new terms were deployed to distort the truth.  Killing became “abortion care,” “reproductive health” or “choice.”

Similarly, the clearly revealed sex of babies via ultrasound must be ignored to facilitate the lie that gender’s not natural but rather “assigned at birth” and subject to change. We’re all supposed to go along with this — or else.

In Virginia, Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam’s Department of Education has floated policies that would require school officials to push confused children toward a gay or trans identity — without their parents’ knowledge.  Parents who object could be reported to social services. Yes, elections have consequences.

The Boy Scouts of America’s fate shows the fallacy of playing only defense. In 2013, and with more shocks later, the nation’s premier youth organization caved to the LGBTQ lobby and its corporate bullies.

Despite winning every court case, the Scouts gave their tormentors everything they wanted. Now, facing bankruptcy and declining enrollment, they’re marching toward irrelevance just when they’re most needed – in a time of broken families, absent fathers and sexual confusion of all kinds.

For years, the BSA threw away a winning hand — the truth — opting instead for a narrow First Amendment defense. It was basically, “Don’t hit us, even if you think we’re Nazis. Even Nazis have rights.”

The Scouts’ high-priced PR team told them never to defend their sensible policy excluding men and boys who were sexually attracted to males. Heck, their voluminous offender files alone make the case.

So, now we’re at a point where basic biology is verboten. But it could get worse if we don’t see a major pushback. The Biden administration, egged on by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and The New York Times, is considering the formation of a “cross-agency” Truth Commission, run by a “reality czar.”

The purpose would be to stamp out a free exchange of views and impose their version of “the truth,” which apparently will involve fake science.

Real scientists, take note. You’re about to be put under a microscope — by madmen.

More than ever, people need to find courage in Jesus’ words: “The truth will make you free.”

This article was originally published by The Washington Times. His website is