PODCAST: The Revolution in Education in Illinois Continues

Written by David E. Smith

After almost a year of gubernatorial mandates masquerading as law, it should come as no surprise that another legislative group in Illinois is attempting to do an end run in order to avoid following the accepted, standard procedure of presenting a bill for debate and vote by the General Assembly.

Laurie Higgins, IFI’s cultural affairs writer, joins Pastor Calvin Lindstrom and Pastor James Pittman, Jr. for a podcast, featured on Here I Stand Radio, examining the continuing revolution in education in Illinois. They discuss the leftist tactics that would force teachers to teach “progressive” ideas that have their genesis in identity politics and Critical Race Theory/Critical Theory, and detail the ludicrous standards set forth in the “Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading Standards” amendment. This interview also describes disturbing changes to Illinois’ current sex education policy. (Read more from Laurie HERE.)

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More information on the proposed amendment and action steps can be found here and here.

Pastor Calvin Lindstrom is the pastor of the Church of Christian Liberty and Christian Liberty Academy in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Pastor James Pittman, Jr. is the senior pastor of New Hope Community Church in Palatine, Illinois.

Take ACTION: It is vital that the members of the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) hear from all Illinois taxpayers. Please click HERE to send a message to this committee urging them to vote against any proposal that would mandate all Illinois teachers be indoctrinated with left-leaning “woke” beliefs.

The Democratic Co-Chairman is Illinois Senator Bill Cunningham (D-Chicago). His office number is (773) 445-8128.

The Republican Co-Chairman is Keith Wheeler (R-North Aurora). His office number is (630) 345-3464.

More ACTION: Here is a list of all the members of JCAR, and their individual contact information. It is imperative that we respectfully contact these state lawmakers to urge them to reject these new divisive “standards” by the ISBE.

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