Be of Good Cheer: Life is Still Winning

Written by Dr. Joseph J. Horton

“In the world you will have tribulation,” states John 16:33. “But take heart; I have overcome the world.” Those who take heart in Christ are promised trouble but are also promised the ultimate victory. How do we maintain the proper focus through the days in which trouble seems more prominent? I write this not as a Bible study, but as an encouragement to seek out those things in which we can rejoice. I offer here a few examples.

Do you know that history was made during Super Bowl LV? Huggies became the first diaper company to run a Super Bowl commercial. In it they celebrated the life of eight babies who were born that Sunday. Perhaps this was not intended as anything more than a marketing ploy, but intentional or not this commercial gave us glimpses into the preciousness of human life.

Toyota likewise celebrated life, and in fact highlighted life-affirming decisions that were made by two couples. I did not know Jessica Long’s story. A search for information about this commercial revealed that a movie was made about her life in 2013, and in the NBC Sports article Long is quoted as saying in that movie, “When I first see my Russian family, I want them to know that I’m not angry with them, that I’m not upset that they gave me up for adoption. I think that was really brave, and I don’t know what I would have done if I was in her situation, at 16 and having this disabled baby that they knew that they couldn’t take care of. I want to tell her that when I see her that, if anything, I have so much love for her, my mom, because she gave me life.” This is a beautiful example of people who made difficult choices which indeed allowed a life that wasn’t easy to be amazing.

These are two short examples. There are also people who make it their life’s work to champion life and to provide help to those facing challenges. I have written previously about the tremendous work done by local pregnancy centers across the country, and I encourage you to seek out the center that is nearest to you—learn about its mission and how you can support its work. You will not only be providing much-needed help, but you will be able to rejoice with them as lives are saved.

I recently learned about an online resource,, that provides informational help to young women with unplanned pregnancies and also has a 24-hour helpline. Spread the word so that those in need will know they are not alone.

Jill’s House,, is a ministry that I learned of through a Grove City College alum who worked there. As described at its website, “Jill’s House is a Christian Nonprofit organization that provides families raising kids with intellectual disabilities, ages 6-17, with short-term overnight respite care in the D.C. metro area and around the country.” Check out this site to learn more about the “what” and “why” of this ministry and to be encouraged by the stories. You may be able to share this information with someone who needs such help, or you may decide that you want to become involved in some way.

Another pro-life institution at which I am proud to say a Grove City College alum was hired is the Susan B. Anthony List, Per its website, “The Susan B. Anthony List team fights for the election of women and men who will fight for life. We fight for laws that safeguard the innocent, and we develop research to demonstrate the good that flows from society from their protection.” One exciting piece of news currently being reported on the Susan B. Anthony List’s site is that the November 2020 election brought 17 new pro-life women to the U.S. Congress. In a summary of the pro-life movement that was published by on January 22, Marjorie Dannenfelser, the organization’s president, concluded with these words, “Life is still winning, and we will win.”

And that is really the point of this article. As we seek to be salt and light in this world, let us seek out those who are doing likewise. I have given you just a small list; I’m sure you can find many others. Creation declares the glory of God. May we, His created, never cease to join in that chorus.

Dr. Joseph J. Horton is professor of psychology at Grove City College and the Working Group Coordinator for Marriage and Family with the Institute for Faith and Freedom. He is also a researcher on Positive Youth Development.

This article was originally published at The Institute for Faith & Freedom.