Vote NO on Tom Kilbride’s Retention

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Across our country this year, Christians have suffered as governors and elected and unelected judges have attacked our most fundamental rights guaranteed by the First Amendment. In Illinois, under Gov. JB Pritzker‘s so­ called “emergency” order, churches have been closed and worship has been restricted. Businesses have been arbitrarily closed, and gatherings of pro-life and pro-family groups have been greatly restrained.

Unlike Michigan and Wisconsin where State Supreme Courts have overruled these unconstitutional decrees by tyrannical governors, the Illinois Supreme Court has failed to oppose these illegal lock-down decrees.

Why? The present Illinois Supreme Court has a 4-3 Democrat majority and is controlled by Chicago political boss Mike Madigan, who supports the Governor’s attacks on our right to exercise our faith free of government interference.

We can change the direction of the Illinois Supreme Court for many years to come by VOTING NO on the retention of Supreme Court Justice Tom L.Kilbride (D).

Kilbride is a liberal Democrat who was handpicked by corrupt House Speaker Mike Madigan to be a Supreme Court Justice.

Instead of fair districting that would result in the election of more pro-life and pro-family legislators, Kilbride ruled in favor of Madigan’s gerrymandering, giving pro-abortion Democrats astounding veto-proof majorities in Springfield. Kilbride has also ruled against term limits and pension reform.

Kilbride must receive 60 percent of the vote to be retained in your conservative 3rd Judicial District. If Kilbride fails to be retained for 10 more years, on top of the 20 he has already served, there will be a new election between a Republican and Democrat in 2022. A 3-3 Court will not be able to carry out Madigan’s will against the families of Illinois.

This is vitally important since we expect pro-life, religious freedom, and pension issues to be decided by the Court. One vote makes all the difference to your family’s future in Illinois. Please ask your pro-life and Christian friends to join you in voting NO on Tom L. Kilbride’s retention.

Let’s make Illinois that shining city on a hill once again. Matthew 5:14.


David E. Smith Rev. Robert Vanden Bosch
Illinois Family Action Concerned Christian Americans
(for identification purposes only)