SPOTLIGHT: Candidate Tom McCullagh for Illinois Senate

Written by David E. Smith

Our election-themed podcasts continue with Tom McCullagh, GOP candidate for the Illinois Senate seat in the 49th district. With his commitment to lower taxes, job growth, common sense values, pro-life and pro-family protections, it’s no surprise that McCullagh is strongly endorsed by Illinois Family Action. McCullagh’s opponent is backed by the “Madigan Machine” and has aligned herself with the group of radical, regressive Leftists who brought SB 25 to Illinois.

McCullagh shares his desire to effect generational change and to encourage Illinoisans to fight for our state as a motivation for seeking public office. He joins us as we discuss the importance of in-person voting, the “Fair” Tax amendment, corruption in Illinois, law enforcement advocacy, educational choice, and small business retention and promotion.

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For more information about Tom McCullagh’s campaign, please click HERE.

Voter Guide

For more vitally important information, please see IFI’s (updated) election resources HERE. You can also view and download the IFI Presidential Voter Guide HERE.

Party Platform Differences

If you are interested in learning about some of the stark differences between the Republican and Democratic Party Platforms, please click HERE(They are also available as brochures. Email Kathy Valente to order in bulk.) This publication features a comparison of 6 issues from the Democratic and Republican Platforms, using their own words. These are for educational purposes only and are legal for churches to distribute under IRS guidelines. Spanish version HERE.

General Election Voting Schedule

Looking for a schedule for early voting, vote by mail, and more? Please click HERE.

What is “The Fair Tax” Amendment?

Voters will be asked to approve a “Fair Tax” Amendment on the November 3rd ballot. State Representative Darren Bailey (R-Louisville) calls it “The Progressive Punishment Tax” in an article for IFA. We also recommend this op/ed published in the Chicago TribuneCommentary: A 60% tax hike on Illinois’ richest won’t be a free lunch for the rest of us.

The Illinois Policy Institute provides additional reasons to vote against this referendum HERE and HERE.

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