Facebook Censors IFA Post and Illinois Candidate Exploits It for Fundraising

Written by Laurie Higgins

The Facebook Overlords are in overdrive—with a little help from their leftist friends.

Thursday morning, I awoke to a notification from the Facebook Overlords that they had removed a post from Illinois Family Action’s Facebook page that was posted way back on February 20, 2020. Shortly thereafter, I was alerted to a video made by a candidate running for the Illinois House in the 90th District who was the subject of my post and who is using it to raise campaign money. It’s fascinating that she is trying to fundraise off a post that no one could read–well, until now. That young woman is “Seth” Wiggins.  Here is her doozy of an exploitative video:

Now here is the original post Wiggins says was an attempt to “smear” her campaign and which she characterizes as astoundingly hateful and vitriolic:

Maybe you didn’t know a young lesbian who pretends to be a man is running for IL State Rep. in the 90th District, which includes parts of DeKalb, LaSalle, Lee and Ogle Counties in north central Illinois. Her name is now “Seth” Wiggins, but her birth name was Stephanie Wiggins and remained so as recently as 2016. She was at birth and remains today a woman.

Wiggins, who has a very impressive resumé (U.S. Air Force veteran, Arabic linguist, attorney), is running against incumbent Tom Demmer, who is Wiggins age and, like her, hails from Dixon, IL. Wiggins’ opposite-sex impersonation (i.e., deception), her embrace of homoeroticism, and her support for the redefinition of marriage are more than sufficient reasons why she should not be elected despite whatever good qualities and skills she possesses.

There is no greater threat to First Amendment speech, religious free exercise, and association protections or to parental rights than that posed by the “trans”-cult and cheerleaders for homoeroticism. IL REALLY doesn’t need a woman like Wiggins in the Springfield Swamp.

Wiggins claims I “attacked” her. If criticism of her embrace of “trans”-cultic beliefs and practices constitutes an attack, what is it when she puts out a video criticizing me for embracing theologically orthodox beliefs on sexuality and marriage?

And what if a polyamorist with three partners of assorted sexes were running for office? If someone were to criticize her embrace of polyamory and polyamorous unions, would that criticism be astoundingly hateful and vitriolic?

Wiggins employs the tactic all sexual anarchists embrace: hurling the conversation-stopper “hater” at those with whom she disagrees. Calling names is easier than making an argument, and it’s much more effective when fundraising.

But it’s not “hateful” to refer to a biological woman who is erotically attracted to women as a “lesbian.”

It’s not “hateful” to identify Wiggins’ birth name.

It’s not “hateful” to say that Wiggins was female at birth and remains in perpetuity a woman.

It’s not “hateful” to say she is impersonating a man or that cross-dressing and taking testosterone to appear as a man constitute a deception.

It’s not “hateful” to say that affirmation of homoeroticism and support for the redefinition of marriage are good reasons not to vote for her.

It’s not “hateful” to say that the “trans” cult poses a threat to First Amendment speech, religious free exercise, and association protections as well as to parental rights.

It’s not “hateful” to call a group that embraces the absurd science-denying superstition that men can be born in women’s bodies and embraces the grotesque practices of castrating men or amputating the healthy breasts of girls cultic. No one claims opposition to Female Genital Mutilation is astoundingly hateful. No one claims that opposition to the amputation of the healthy limbs of those who identify as “trans-ableists” (Body Integrity Identity Disorder) is hateful.

While Wiggins and her supporters may hate the claims I made in my post, their hatred doesn’t make those claims hateful.

Wiggins claims she’s “used to a certain level of discrimination,” implying my comments constitute “discrimination.” Well, now, perhaps attorney Wiggins should have unpacked that a bit. If by “discrimination,” she means “the act of recognizing and making distinctions” as between right and wrong acts or true and false ideas, then she’s right. I was discriminating, just as she is doing in her video.

Wiggins says that I acknowledge she has an impressive resumé, as if somehow my acknowledgment of her military service, linguistic skills, and law degree renders my criticism of her homoeroticism and opposite-sex masquerade incongruous or incomprehensible.

Surely, a smart woman like Wiggins realizes that humans can be a complex aggregate of noble and ignoble qualities. There are many accomplished people with impressive resumés who are not fit for public office.

In her fundraising video, Wiggins cites a statistic about the high rates of suicidal ideation among those who identify as “trans,” implying without even attempting to prove that dissent from leftist views of cross-sex identification are the causes of the high rates of suicidal ideation. She doesn’t mention that correlation is not causation. She doesn’t mention that high rates of depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation remain after “transition,” as reported in Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica

[T]he suicide risk in transgender people is higher than in the general population and seems to occur during every stage of transitioning.

Wiggins also doesn’t mention this recent statement posted on the American Journal of Psychiatry website:

[T]he authors reanalyzed the data to compare outcomes between individuals diagnosed with gender incongruence who had received gender-affirming surgical treatments and those diagnosed with gender incongruence who had not. … the results demonstrated no advantage of surgery in relation to subsequent mood or anxiety disorder-related health care visits or prescriptions or hospitalizations following suicide attempts in that comparison.

Wiggins doesn’t discuss the possibility that perhaps suicidal ideation is a symptom—like gender dysphoria—of some other underlying issue.

Wiggins suggests that rejection of her beliefs constitutes a denial of her “humanity.” No word from her about what demanding that orthodox Christians reject their beliefs–which are central to their identity as Christians–constitutes.

Wiggins made the peculiar comparison of reading a post that expressed disapproval of cross-sex passing to being picked last for dodge ball—you know, because both experiences are unpleasant. So, is she recommending that no one ever express moral convictions because such expressions might make someone feel bad? If so, is her disapproval of the beliefs of theologically orthodox Christians wrong? Or is she suggesting that just disapproval of her beliefs is wrong?

I can attest that the culture does not celebrate my theological beliefs. In fact, they hate them, and call me names for expressing them, just as Wiggins did.

Ironically, after calling me hateful for having different moral views than she does, she claims she values unity and kindness. She said, “We have to be better. We have to come together.” But what does she mean by that?

She means what all leftists mean when they make such claims.

She seeks unity in uniformity. She seeks unity through the mandatory cultural embrace of her views on sexuality and marriage. Unity requires scrubbing history and denying science. Unity requires changing our grammar to reflect her beliefs.

Kindness in Wiggins’ view entails affirming her social, moral, ontological, and political beliefs. Kindness means everyone must refer to biological women who pretend to be men by female pronouns. Kindness means pretending men can get pregnant. Kindness—for Wiggins—requires that theologically orthodox Christians deny their beliefs and, thereby, Jesus Christ.

Wiggins concludes by lying, saying that my banned post “purports to say” that she is only “going to advocate for the transgender community.” As readers can now see, I said no such thing.

While Wiggins views my beliefs as astoundingly hateful, I view her public affirmation of “trans”-cultic beliefs and practices as evil, even if she intends it for good. I will grant her this: Wiggins is a slick manipulator. She will probably go far in politics.

Listen to this article read by Laurie:

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