Join Us for a Special Webinar with Candidates Jim Oberweis and Jeanette Ward

Written by David E. Smith

With less than 50 days before the November 3rd General Election, campaigns are heating up. Soon, our mailboxes will be filled with campaign literature, our phones will be ringing with robo-calls, and we will see and/or hear campaign ads on social media, television and the radio.

The messages that will be flooding the public square are what the candidates want you to know about themselves and about their opponents. But will your concerns and questions about their values and top priorities be answered?

In an effort to help you better know the candidates that we’ve proudly endorsed, we are holding a series of webinars.

We invite you to join us Wednesday morning, September 16th, for a special webinar presentation with two candidates: Jim Oberweis who is running in the 14th Congressional District, and Jeanette Ward, who is running for Illinois State Senate in District 25.

Where:    Zoom Webinar
When:     Wednesday, September 16th
Time:      11:00 AM (CDT)

Moderators will read questions from our audience that have been emailed in advance or submitted online through the Zoom chat feature.

To register for this webinar and receive the link, email Kathy at or call the IFI office during office hours at: (708) 781-9328. The link to the webinar will be emailed to those who pre-register on Wednesday morning.