SPOTLIGHT: Abortion Deaths Continue Despite COVID-19

Written by David E. Smith

During the coronavirus pandemic, when surgical procedures to alleviate suffering and correct serious medical conditions were deemed non-essential and disallowed, the “essential” dismemberment and murder of babies in the womb continued unabated at abortion clinics throughout Illinois, including Planned Parenthood’s newest abortorium in Waukegan.

Monte Larrick and Eric Scheidler recently met to discuss Pro-Life Action League’s response to the opening of the 18th Planned Feticide center in Illinois. Eric details how PP has exploited weaknesses in local government in order to open their facilities with virtually no opportunity for public input or opposition, and he explains how PP decides where to place their “health” centers for maximum traffic and profitability.

After the break, the conversation turns to Illinois’ Parental Notice of Abortion Act and what citizens can do to keep legislators from gutting or abolishing this last measure of protection for minor girls and their babies.

Eric Sheidler is the Executive Director of Pro-Life Action League. You can stay informed about the League’s work by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

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