SPOTLIGHT: John Stonestreet On Our Cultural Moment

Written by David E. Smith

Home education and private schooling, specifically Christian schooling, are becoming first-choice options for many families as parents realize that their educational goals and priorities for their children don’t match up with those of government schools. John Stonestreet joins Monte Larrick to discuss the responsibility sphere; proactive education of discernment; the LGBT history mandate in Illinois and other states; and convictions, conscience rights and consequences.

Switching gears, the discussion moves to the Equality Act and increasing pressure on the U.S. Senate for passage. John points out the flaws and dangers in this legislation and emphasizes the need for the Church and individual voters to speak out against this seemingly “good-sounding” measure. The podcast closes with excellent strategies to utilize when engaging with those who hold to a different worldview.

John Stonestreet serves as president of the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview. He is also an author, public speaker, and host of BreakPoint.