SPOTLIGHT: Ignorance of the Bible and Our History is Plaguing Us

Written by David E. Smith

As Black Lives Matter protests continue and mobs of vandals destroy statues that have long stood as a record of U.S. history, this week’s Spotlight focuses on issues of racism and often disregarded truths concerning the Constitution, our Founding Fathers, and our nation’s past.

We start off with the powerful address Latasha Fields delivered at the recent IFI Worldview Conference. Ms. Fields emphasizes our spiritual battle and outlines our obligations to respond to current challenges. She speaks to the centrality of the family, God’s commands to parents regarding their children’s lives and development, and she decries the disproportionate impact that insidious democratic policies have perpetrated on African American children. In conclusion, as a voice for 1776, Ms. Fields describes the group’s focus and purpose and contrasts it with its antithesis, The 1619 Project.

The second half of the podcast features a Q&A and remarks by historian David Barton. He stresses the importance of knowing and protecting the unchanging principles of the Constitution and warns about the dangers of judicial activism. Barton issues a challenge to follow the example of John Quincy Adams’ commitment to daily Bible reading and application and he relates the truth about Thomas Jefferson’s faith and his stance on slavery.

Latasha Fields, along with her husband Ronald, is a co-founder of Christian Home Educators Support System. She is also the state coordinator for Illinois for Parental Rights. 

David Barton is an author, historian, and the founder and president of WallBuilders.

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