SPOTLIGHT: Pastor Dan Haas’ Perspective on COVID Lock-Down

Written by David E. Smith

Our final Spotlight for the month of May features a recent conversation between Monte Larrick and Pastor Dan Haas, a well-known Aurora community activist. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Haas wonders what is God’s message to believers in Christ and what is the Church’s task. Dan stresses the opportunity the pandemic presents to re-evaluate and prepare for what ministry could look like inside and outside of the physical church facility in the months to come. He also emphasizes that Governor Pritzker’s “one size fits all” approach to restrictions is flawed and injurious.

After the break, Monte and Dan discuss whether the pandemic is a sign of the end times and affirm the need for Americans to be prepared emotionally, mentally, and spiritually for the emergencies of life. They also consider the likelihood of revival or a new Great Awakening and the imperative for Christians to freely share the gospel and develop followers of Jesus.

Dan Haas is Executive Director of A Future and a Hope Foundation.