14th Congressional District Endorsement: James Marter

Written by David E. Smith

There are seven candidates running for the Republican nomination in Illinois’ 14th Congressional District during this month’s Primary Election. The winner of this contest will face off against freshman Congresswoman Lauren Underwood in the General Election on November 2nd. This district has been historically red and supported Donald J. Trump in 2016 by a wide margin. Many pundits believe that Underwood’s election in 2018 was made possible by the Trump backlash. Whatever caused the anomaly in the last election, the district is in play in this election.

Of the seven Republican candidates running for this federal office, it is interesting to note that three candidates didn’t bother to respond to the Illinois Family Institute Voter Guide questionnaire. For Christian conservatives, that is a major red flag. What are they hiding? What don’t they want us to know about their political ideology? Why wouldn’t they want pro-life/pro-family voters to have a better understanding of where they stand on the issues near and dear to our hearts?

The other four candidates look fairly conservative, and three of them qualify two or more of their answers to eight simple questions. That is why one candidate stands out in the pack: James Marter. He does not qualify his answers to the IFI Voter Guide survey. Rather, he gave straightforward conservative answers to the questions, leaving voters with little doubt on what policies he supports and/or opposes.

We like the fact that he’s been endorsed by former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and by the Taxpayer’s United for America. Moreover, we love that Marter isn’t afraid to tell voters that he loves America and stands with President Trump. Listen for yourself:

James is a known quantity among grassroots conservatives, and an active member of the Illinois Conservative Union. In fact, he is a reliable activist who regularly attends pro-life events like the March for Life Chicago and SpeakOut Illinois. When iGOLD gathers for their annual lobby day in Springfield, James Marter is among the thousands demonstrating for our 2nd Amendment rights. When IFI hosts its annual banquet, James and his wife are usually in attendance. And he has the support of all the ACT for America chapter leaders.

James Marter is the pro-life/pro-family conservative choice for the 14th Congressional District. It is vital that we send a serious conservative to Washington D.C. Congress is not an entry level position.

Visit his website to learn more: Marter4Congress.us or click HERE to watch another short video message from James Marter.

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