SPOTLIGHT: Walt Heyer: “Such Were Some of You’

Written by David E. Smith

Our Spotlight podcast this week features a presentation given by Walt Heyer at our 2019 Worldview Conference. He recounts his decades-long struggle with transgenderism – a struggle that began with the secret purple dress his grandmother sewed for him to wear when he was four years old.

Walt succeeded in school and the workplace, but hid the confusion and pain he felt about his sexual identity until, at age 42, he underwent gender reassignment surgery at the urging of a “highly regarded” counselor. The results were devastating. But Walt’s story doesn’t end there. Listen to hear how Walt found redemption and restoration through Jesus Christ who promised “you are now safe with Me forever!”

Walt Heyer is an author and conference speaker. To learn more about his ministry, please visit Sex Change Regret.

Make plans to attend the 2020 IFI Worldview Conference on Saturday, March 7 at Village Church of Barrington. Dr. Michael Brown and Dr. Robert Gagnon will be our featured speakers.