SPOTLIGHT: Parental Rights, Religious Liberty and American History

Written by Benjamin Smith

Latasha Fields, founder and director of CHESS – Christian Home Educators Support System, joins IFI executive director David Smith on this edition of Spotlight. In the first half of the podcast, David and Latasha discuss egregious legislation pending in the Illinois General Assembly that aims to eviscerate parental rights and eliminate religious liberty.

State Representative Robyn Gabel (D-Evanston) recently introduced HB 4870 would mandate the HPV vaccination for ALL Illinois students at the 6th grade level. (Read more HERE.) If that isn’t bad enough, Illinois Senator Heather Steans (D-Chicago) introduced SB 3668, which would repeal ALL religious and medical exemptions for school immunizations and allow students 14 and older to be vaccinated without parental consent. (Read more HERE.)

After the break, the conversation turns to the divisive New York Times 1619 Project and its antithesis,, which strives to counter the misinformation regarding slavery and racism that has been promoted in school curriculum and to “to identify and highlight solutions, models of success in reviving our streets and communities, and actionable goals that should be pursued.”  (Click HERE to watch Latasha’s comments at 1776 Unites news conference on Feb. 14, 2020 in Washington D.C.)

In addition to her work with CHESS, Latasha Fields is a homeschooling mother of four who ministers with her husband, Ronald, at Our Report Ministries in Chicago, and is the Illinois state volunteer coordinator for

Make your voice heard! This week, please call the Capitol switchboard at (217) 782-2000 and ask your state representative to REJECT HB 4870. Also call your state senator and ask him/her to vote NO on SB 3668. It is imperative that we let our elected officials know that we oppose these disastrous legislative proposals!

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