SPOTLIGHT: “If you Compromise on Life, It’s Easy to Compromise on Anything Else” says Rev. Graham

Written by David E. Smith

Prior to last fall’s IFI Faith, Family, and Freedom Banquet, the Reverend Franklin Graham spoke with Monte Larrick. We are pleased to feature that interview on this edition of Spotlight. Rev. Graham stresses that Christians must be engaged and involved in the political process, educated as to the candidates’ stand on the crucial issues of life and religious freedoms, and committed to prayer before entering the voter booth.

Some of the topics Rev. Graham and Monte discuss in this Spotlight include: the importance of local elections; “Never Trumpers;” appropriate civil disobedience; the Equality Act; Illinois’ LGBT history mandate, the state of our public education system, and how parents and the Church can respond. The podcast concludes with a message of practical advice from Rev. Graham to the Christian voting populace of Illinois.

MORE: One way to become a well-informed voter is to consult the IFI Voter Guide. Click here for more information.

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