SPOTLIGHT: Pastor Ron Citlau “You Must Be Born Again”

Written by Benjamin Smith

David Smith and Monte Larrick welcome Pastor Ron Citlau, lead pastor of Calvary Church in Orland Park, to this edition of Spotlight. Pastor Citlau shares how a 1997 encounter with the Lord transformed him and freed him from a life marked by sexual abuse, addiction to alcohol, drugs and pornography, and same-sex attraction.

In the second half of the podcast, our guest and hosts discuss Illinois’ gender-related legislation that misleads and corrupts public school students. Pastor Citlau offers advice for parents who present a biblical view of sex and sexuality to their children. He also addresses the challenges faced by pastors and the Church regarding sexual issues and counseling. A conversation about the need for more Church influence, biblical sexual identity, the absolute supremacy of God’s Word as our standard, and a few rapid-fire questions conclude the podcast.

Please check out Pastor Citlau’s books here and here and read his blog.