SPOTLIGHT: 2019 Year in Review

Written by David E. Smith

As we prepare to greet a new year – and a new decade – it is fitting that we also take a look back at the issues and events that were at the heart of IFI’s work this year. Kathy Valente, IFI Director of Operations and Mary Nieves, IFI Development Officer, join the energetic Spotlight duo of David Smith and Monte Larrick for a recap of 2019. They discuss new, regressive legislation (specifically the legalization of recreational marijuana and extreme pro-abortion legislation), increased taxation, corruption, and ethics reform, as well as the success of the spring pro-life rally in Springfield and our very informative Worldview Conference on “Trans” Ideology.

After the break, the conversation shifts to 2020 and the likely agenda items our liberal legislators might attempt to foist on our state – repeal of the Parental Notice Act, assisted suicide, and even more legalized recreational drugs are a few of the possibilities. Kathy talks about the IFI Voter Guide and the Ephesians 5:11 Project, both of which are important resources for the March 17th Illinois primary. The podcast concludes with information regarding the 2020 Worldview Conference, Thinking Biblically about our Corrosive Culture.

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