The Democratic Party’s Abortion Fanaticism is Demonic

Written by Peter Heck

When Democrat presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard publicly announced her compromising stance on abortion-on-demand, specifically saying that she favored an approach that kept abortion legal, but also worked to make it rare and “unnecessary,” she was pilloried amongst what has become mainstream liberalism.

Combine that reality with a spate of recent jaw-dropping events, and an extremely unnerving conclusion emerges: the driving ideology behind the Democratic Party in America has evolved from a tacit approval and defense of legalized child killing to a macabre celebration of the ritual.

Start with notorious late-term abortionist Leroy Carhart, a folk hero to pro-abortion activists and a champion to Planned Parenthood apologists. Carhart, who has repulsively compared full-term babies in the womb to “meat in a crockpot,” was photographed celebrating his birthday with a desk placard that read, “Even on my worst days, I’m killing it.”

Offensive to be sure, but the placard reveals something very instructive about Carhart and his defenders. You can’t “kill” a non-living blob of tissue. You can’t “kill” a mere part of a woman’s body. The semantical defense of abortion that rests on the premise that it’s “terminating a pregnancy” not “killing a baby” is completely undone right here on Carhart’s own desk. You can only “kill” living things, and that living “thing” is decidedly human. While Carhart himself admits that what he destroys for profit are “babies,” his defenders persist in futile denial.

Meanwhile, though modern feminists have long recoiled and objected to any characterization that they revel in abortion as primitive, pagan cultures once danced and caroused as they sacrificed their children to false gods, this horrifying Halloween spectacle from a pro-abortion drag queen strongly suggests otherwise.

**Warning: this video is extremely graphic and disturbing:

That’s simply demonic. May God have pity on that possessed soul, and may He have mercy on those of us who abide it as part of any morally tenable and ethically justifiable opposition. This ghoulish display does, at least, provide one public service. It emphatically repudiates any pretense that abortion exists as a private and painful choice. Not in 2019, not in our modern era of medical technology, not in a scientifically enlightened culture that understands fetal development and medical ethics.

Abortion fanaticism can no longer be attributed to a misunderstanding or confusion over its nature. No, what we are witnessing here is the logical evolution of a pop culture worldview divorced from any moral authority beyond its own sinful, self-serving impulses. Whether it manifests in the unrivaled bloodlust of a man like Carhart, or in the self-focused choice to place personal convenience over the life of one’s child, the result is tragic.

There is a better way, of course. It comes in first recognizing the humanity of every living being dwelling in the sanctuary of a mother’s womb. And secondly, assigning intrinsic value to that being not for crossing some arbitrary boundary of consciousness, wantedness, or development, but for bearing the inviolable image of its Creator.

Unfortunately, for the price of votes and power, the Democratic Party in America has sold its soul to a wicked ideology that views the miscarriage of life in the womb not as a tragedy to be mourned, but a “mess on a napkin” to be trashed and forgotten.

Willful association with any such political organization by candidates or voters should raise immediate red flags for all morally discerning individuals. That doesn’t mean unfettered support for all Republican opposition, of course, particularly given that party’s persistent willingness to compromise on such an important issue.

But apart from a collective consensus that this kind of grotesque celebration of massacred human babies is an intolerable abomination, we hold at best a tenuous grasp on our claim of being a civilized society.

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