SPOTLIGHT: Brigitte Gabriel’s Mission to Defend America

Written by David E. Smith

According to Brigitte Gabriel, “Two percent of the passionate will always rule the ninety-eight percent indifferent.” As a conservative author, political commentator, and the founder of ACT for America, Ms. Gabriel is definitely passionate about educating and mobilizing Americans to take practical steps to preserve our national identity and protect our country from radical Islam.

Brigitte Gabriel joins Monte Larrick on this week’s Spotlight to discuss a variety of topics including legal immigration, sharia law in U.S. courts, Islamic influence in American politics, diversity and multiculturalism, the Muslim Brotherhood, and more.

Act for America believes that education must be coupled with action. Americans must be organized, engaged, connected, and persistent in order to make a difference in our communities, states, and nation. If you are interested in receiving email alerts or becoming an ACT for America activist, you can sign up at ACT for America.

Illinois Family Spotlight would like to extend our thanks to Quentin Road Baptist Church for graciously allowing us to use their facility and studio for this interview.

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