SPOTLIGHT: Black Robe Pastor and State House Candidate Cory Musgrave

Written by Benjamin Smith

Pastor Cory Musgrave joined Monte Larrick on this edition of Illinois Family Spotlight to discuss his invocation on the Illinois House floor earlier this year.

State Rep. Darren Bailey invited Pastor Musgrave to open the Illinois House in prayer, and Pastor Musgrave took the opportunity to ask God to forgive us for the recent passage of a radical abortion expansion bill that will result in even more innocent bloodshed.

He also answers questions about why he is running for Illinois State Representative in the 109th district (current State Rep. Darren Bailey is running for an open seat in the Illinois Senate’s 55th District). During this interview, they also discuss the new mega abortion mill near the Illinois-Missouri border and its rather shady origins, more alternatives to abortion, and organizing an ideological offensive against abortion.

In the second half of the podcast, they talk about the opioid problem and Musgrave’s suspicion of its origin in southeastern Illinois, whether recreational pot could help combat opioid abuse and its potential impact on southern Illinois agriculture, the state using vices to attempt to increase revenue, his experience combating far left indoctrination efforts in his local school district, and what his church and family think about his candidacy,

Pastor Musgrave is a true black robe pastor who caused quite a disruption in the state capitol on the last day of the 2019 Spring session, drawing attention from all over the state.

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