Bottom line: Do Illegal Aliens Matter More Than American Citizens?

Written by Daniel Horowitz

Now that the U.S. Supreme Court will likely “give permission” for the president to obey immigration law and not Obama’s illegal amnesty, both parties will now clamor to enact the amnesty in a lawful manner. But there is no sense of urgency in Congress to enact immigration legislation to reinforce current laws and protect Americans from the ill effects of illegal immigration.

From reading the current media narratives, one would come away with the impression that nobody exists other than illegal alien “dreamers,” most of whom are valedictorians and the highest order of creation. As is the case with all issues, liberals isolate straw-man talking points and ignore the broader context. They present a false dichotomy: Do you empathize with those who were brought here “by no fault of their own” and are nothing but amazing assets to America? Gee, who doesn’t?

But whose fault is it? It’s not the fault of American taxpayers. It’s the fault of the immigrants’ parents and their countries of origin, particularly the country of Mexico, which has used every tool to instigate endless violations of our border integrity for decades. The forgotten people in this discussion are the American communities that are suffering from rampant crimecartel violence, social and language problems in schoolsdrained health care and welfare systems, and drugs and gang activity in many parts of the country.

Let’s not kid ourselves: It’s not the 80-year-old illegal aliens who are committing most of the crimes. Common sense dictates that it will be the younger ones who are more problematic – the demographic endearingly referred to as “dreamers” by the political elites.

According to the USCIS, 53,792 DACA recipients have been arrested while in the U.S. Arrest records show some were apprehended for assault, rape, drug charges, and even murder — and yet were still given status. Thousands were arrested for drug trafficking and drunk driving, which are habitual crimes endangering our streets, yet remained in our country thanks to lawless lower courts. Shockingly, a whopping 66 percent of self-reported criminals on DACA applications were initially approved, and 33,709 or 94 percent were granted renewals.

A number of DACA recipients have turned out to be drug smugglers and MS-13 members, and UACs/“dreamers” as a whole are supplying the surge of drugs and MS-13. One disturbing fact about the USCIS data is that those who applied under the age of 14 were never even fingerprinted. Now, one might say there is no need to look at the criminal record of people that young, but this means there is no basic way of verifying their identity.

Then there is the other half of DACA. These are all of the people who came here after 2014 from Central America as a result of DACA and the driving philosophy behind it – that anyone who comes here as a child will simply escape enforcement.

It’s a simple fact that DACA caused the great surge of young teens from Central America – many of whom joined MS-13 and furthered the gang and drug problems in this country.

The Miami Herald reported at the height of the surge that “children are also being sent by families who believe they could qualify for immigration reform—if Congress ever acts on it—or for President Barack Obama’s 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program known as DACA.”

On June 13, 2014, the Washington Post, which now recognizes the problems with UACs but still obsessively supports DACA, admitted that the surge of tens of thousands of Central Americans was “driven in large part by the perception they will be allowed to stay under Obama administration’s immigration policies.”

On June 4, 2014, the New York Times reported that the “shift in the way the United State treats [illegal alien] minors,” aka amnesty and catch-and-release, “prompted” and “inspired” parents to either “hire so-called coyotes … to bring them north” or to “make the trip with toddlers in tow, something rarely seen before in this region.”

It’s a simple fact that illegal immigration is all driven by incentives, and immigrants come here to the degree that we encourage them. This is why the border crossings surged precisely during the periods of executive amnesty under Obama and judicial amnesty under Trump, while they ebbed when Trump began enforcing the law. Ironically, with border numbers down again, they are still up in one state: Arizona. Why Arizona? That is the one state where the DHS has not implemented the “return to Mexico” policy.

It’s time we finally implement the laws on the books to protect Americans from the fiscal, social, security, and identity theft problems from illegal aliens before implementing yet another amnesty. It’s time to finally fulfill the promise of current law on sanctuary cities and deportations. It’s time to finally combat identity theft. It’s time to finally implement the border security promise codified into law – to “achieve and maintain operational control over the entire international land and maritime borders of the United States.”

But there is no impetus from almost anyone in Washington to embark on an aggressive fight to punish sanctuary cities, like Montgomery County, that release illegal alien child molesters.

Ultimately, the question is who matters more in American politics: the citizen or the illegal alien? For the political elites – from the business world and media to the political and legal cabals – it’s a no-brainer. Indeed, the “Americans last” mindset of amnesty advocates and their utter disregard for the social problems created by their advocacy is the crux of what makes Washington a swamp. We are strangers in our own land.

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