The War On Cops

Written by Gary Bauer

Remember a few weeks ago when videos went viral of people dousing New York City police officers with water while onlookers cheered their approval?  It was pointed out that this would inevitably lead to more violence against cops.

Well, this weekend that warning came true as a cop-hating mob erupted in taunts and violence against police who were patrolling their New York City neighborhood. At one point, people even began throwing objects off of buildings onto the police. Three officers were taken to the hospital with injuries and 11 people were arrested for disorderly conduct.

This isn’t an isolated incident. Last week in Philadelphia, a drug dealer barricaded himself inside a home and took several hostages. Six police officers were shot during an hours-long standoff. Incredibly, some residents in the neighborhood harassed and heckled the officers even as the bullets were flying.

Meanwhile, police officers have been refused service or asked to leave restaurants and coffee shops.  Is it any wonder police departments are having a hard time recruiting new officers?

A few years ago, Baltimore police were so demonized that they began to patrol dangerous neighborhoods less frequently. Predictably, it resulted in an increase in crime in those neighborhoods.

Whenever law enforcement is attacked, it’s the men and women on the Thin Blue Line and law-abiding residents who are the losers.  And the criminals, of course, are the winners.

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