SPOTLIGHT: They Got Everything They Wanted and More

Written by Benjamin Smith

Collusion, deception, and lies – that’s the tried and true game plan Illinois politicians pulled from their playbook at the end of the recent General Assembly session. And while our elected representatives are still basking in the glow of victory, we, the taxpayers and their employers, are beginning to experience the costly consequences of their end run tactics.

In our Spotlight this week is former State Representative Jeanne Ives and her address to attendees at an event in Rockford hosted by Concerned Citizens for American. Ms. Ives gives us the truth about the disturbing details of the new “balanced” budget – details our legislators don’t want us to know – and she breaks down the numbers in regard to uncertain/unrealistic revenue estimates, as well as inequalities in tax burden and revenue allotment. State Representative John Cabello of the 68th district concludes with a strong call for accountability and grassroots action to stop the misuse and waste of citizens’ hard-earned tax dollars.

Listen in:

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