Dr. Paul Kengor Takes on Democratic Socialism at the Reagan Ranch

Written by David E. Smith

Communism, socialism, democratic socialism – if asked, could you accurately define these terms? For many of us, Political Science 101 was a long time ago, so our answer would likely be “no.” However, definitions and distinctions are important, especially when we are engaging with fellow citizens who are enthusiastically, and often blindly, embracing a political philosophy they don’t fully understand and, if adopted, would be disastrous for our nation.

In his presentation at the 2019 Reagan Ranch June Conference, Dr. Paul Kengor clearly defines these ideologies and stresses that education is the key to halting the advance of democratic socialism. Dr. Kengor is an author, political science professor, and chief academic fellow of The Institute for Faith & Freedom at Grove City College in Grove City, Pennsylvania.

While this specific address is targeted to students, with the hope that they will be able to confidently and intelligently refute the liberal indoctrination they encounter on campus and in the classroom, the information Dr. Kengor imparts is vital knowledge for conservative voters of all ages.

Please, listen to this presentation and share it with your friends.

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