The Party of No

Written by Dr. Everett Piper

Another week in the news, and it is now irrefutable. The Democratic Party has officially lost its mind. The “progressive” left is truly mad.

This party — the Democratic Party — a party that for decades was led by some of our nation’s greats; men like FDR, Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy and LBJ; a party that defended America against the aggression of the Empire of the Rising Sun, a party that stood resolute in the face of the evils of Nazi socialism; a party that stopped the global incrementalism of the USSR; a party that fought the barbarism of Ho Chi Minh; this party — the Democratic Party — is now a party without sanity and without a soul.

This is the party that once stood for the “average man” and for blue-collar America. It was the party of workers’ rights, of women’s rights, of children’s rights, and of minority rights. This party — the Democratic Party — was the party that marched for civil rights. Today, it has become the party that mocks nearly all that is real and everything that is right.

The Democratic Party of 2019 is no longer a champion of facts. It has, rather, become little more than a cheerleader for feelings. It is a party of rainbows, unicorns, leprechauns and pretend; a political party of Frank Baum scarecrows. It is a party without a brain.

This once-great party that led in developing nuclear fusion and taking trips to the moon, now campaigns on promises of lollipops, moonbeams and free stuff for all. This party that, just yesterday, was a staunch defender of science and technology, now stakes its future on the tendentious, the salacious, and on sex.

This is a party that says “no” to almost everything rather than yes to much of anything.

It is a party of no cars, no guns, no gas, no planes, no airports, no flight, no fuel, no energy to heat our homes and no power to run our military. This is a party of no walls and no wisdom; a party of no coal, no cows, no cash and no character.

This is a political party that says no to women’s restrooms, no to women’s sports and no to women’s locker rooms. This party that used to be the champion of women now denies women their own dignity and even their own identity. It is a party where the female is no longer a biological fact, but rather little more than the fantasy of any dysphoric male who wants to raise his hand on a given day and claim to be a woman.

This is a party of delusion and denial; a party of nattering nabobs who say no to masculinity and no to men. It is a party that calls chivalry “toxic” while it mocks the morality of monogamy. It is a party that smirks at gentlemen who are role models of fidelity and faith.

Today’s Democratic Party is now officially the party of “no.” A party of no religious freedom, no morality, no Bibles and no parental rights. This is a party that has the audacity to brainwash our children with “drag queen story hours” and then try to make it illegal for parents to secure counseling for their son or daughter who suffers the sexual confusion caused by this party’s absurd list of nos.

Democrats are now a party of no academic freedom; a party that celebrates ideological fascism rather than intellectual liberty. This is a party that demands conformity. Listen as its minstrels sing in monotone unison, “You must submit! You must look like us, walk like us, talk like us and think like us. You must march lock-step with us. If you don’t, we will silence you. We are diverse and we accept no dissent. Under our banner of love, we will foment hate against those we do not love. We tolerate no intolerance. Disagree and you will be expelled.”

This is a party of no science; a party that calls frigid temperatures “warm” and insists climate change is “not weather.”

This is a party of no reality; a party of two-faced misogyny and misandry; a party of that denies women are real, while at the same time disdaining real men.

This is a party of no morality; a party that teaches young boys how to use a condom while bemoaning the lack of character in young men; a party that tells young girls to abort their babies while it goads them into becoming objects of sex.

This is a party of no children; a party that votes against protecting a born-alive baby girl while it pretends to care about female health. This is a party hell-bent on normalizing the execution of our nation’s youngest females.

This party — this Democratic Party — is one that shouts no in the face of what is right and demands silence as they promote what is wrong. It is a party of no life and no liberty. This is a party of no happiness. This is a party that is hapless.

The question is, how can anyone with a clear conscience continue to vote for this party?

The is answer is clear. You can’t.

 Everett Piper, president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, is the author of “Not A Day Care: The Devastating Consequences of Abandoning Truth” (Regnery 2017).

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