Jesters, ‘Hypokrites,’ Actors & Actresses

Written by Nicholas J. Stojakovich

The next time a Hollywood actor or actress tries to persuade or impress you with their profound knowledge and insights on political or world affairs, keep a few things in mind.

Never forget that the word “actor” comes from the Greek word “hypokrites,” which means “an actor” or “a stage player.”

Of course, many actors and actresses throughout history and today are incredibly gifted, and have created and will continue to create memorable stage plays and films that impact society for good. Take, for example, the staying power and positive effects of a film like To Kill a Mockingbird.

However, it should not be overlooked that in the past, many of these “hypokrites” were thought of as court jesters, hired or conscripted primarily to entertain the aristocracy of their day.

Over time, they were hired to perform for the general public because the political leadership and ruling class recognized how valuable they were in helping people escape from reality for a few hours. Some leaders found theater particularly useful to distract the public from the corruptions and malfeasance of the ruling class

Political adversaries also began to recognize actors’ value in using them to discredit or undermine one another, often having them perform plays that mocked an opponent in an attempt to weaken or undermine their influence.

Eventually, actors came to amass an inordinate amount of power and influence as society craved more entertainment to help them escape reality, especially after modern conveniences  afforded them the luxury of spending their disposable time and money on entertainment.

Being constantly entertained takes little or no effort on the part an audience or the general public. Increasing numbers of the public began to abandon the rigors of independent thought and study, especially when it came to the matters of political discourse and philosophy.

Reading classical works of literature or philosophy by the general public has been all but abandoned in our day. In fact, even getting a student to acquire a love for reading is faced with enormous difficulties and distractions.

As a result, people have begun to to adopt similar views on political or world affairs to their favorite actors or actresses.

Knowing the peoples’ tendency to seek entertainment over independent thought, the political or ruling class sought actors’ company and power of influence. Actors and actresses were given increasingly more access to the political or ruling class, incestuously feeding off of each other, and even ignoring the common good and the aspirations and beliefs of their audiences, who were beginning to feel betrayed by their political leaders and ruling class.

Unable or unwilling to understand or undertake a serious self-examination, many actors and actresses became completely divorced from these realities as they grew increasingly insulated by stardom. Now, they often practice a reverse form of “McCarthyism,” routinely making unfair accusations against any of their fellow actors or actresses who have the courage to dissent.

Keep these things in mind the next time you hear an actor or actress turn an award ceremony—meant to celebrate accomplishments—into a grandstand to espouse liberal orthodoxy and political beliefs.

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