SPOTLIGHT: Dr. Randall Explains THC and CBD

Written by Benjamin Smith

In this week’s Spotlight podcast – maybe we should call it a potcast – Dr. Karen Randall returns to share her knowledge and experience with legal, high-potency marijuana, not only in her role as an ER physician, but also as a tax-paying resident of Colorado.

Dr. Randall explains the difference between the major compounds, THC and CBD, found in the marijuana plant and addresses how genetic modification affects compound levels. Monte, Dave, and Dr. Randall discuss the marijuana industry’s deceptive message and practices, a lack of scientific, medical, and/or pharmacological training for retail operators and their employees (especially concerning dangerous drug interactions), Colorado’s thriving black market for pot, the impact of marijuana cultivation on the environment, and the connection between plunging property values and the prevalence of grow houses.

Legalized, high-potency marijuana – “medical” or recreational – is NOT the answer to Illinois’ economic woes. Dr. Randall speaks out against legalization because she has seen its devastation first-hand and feels morally impelled to warn others. Illinois citizens, in the pews and in the pulpit, should feel the moral responsibility and urgency to make our voices heard.

Listen to this week’s potcast:

Take ACTION: Please click HERE to send a message to your state senator and state representative to ask them to reject the push for legal marijuana. Respectfully request they do not legalize marijuana in Illinois. You should also call your lawmakers to make sure they know many people oppose this foolish policy. The Capitol switchboard number is (217) 782-2000.