Time for Every Democrat to Be Asked These Two Questions

Written by Peter Heck

The Democrat Party in America has a real problem.  It’s been brewing for some time, but it’s bubbling over at this point and those who would continue shrouding, cloaking, downplaying, or veiling the issue are no longer able to do so.

The Democrat Party in America has become obsessed with abortion.  Not just attentive, not just involved, not just committed.  They are obsessed with the practice of killing infants in the womb.  If you’re a Democrat and that angers you, praise God.

They will sooner give up Rust Belt factory workers than give up aborting children.

They will sooner give up the teachers’ unions than give up aborting children.

They will sooner give up minority voting blocs than give up aborting children.

It’s not smart politics.  It’s not logical.  It’s creepy.

It’s why as more and more Americans, particularly young Americans, are acknowledging, accepting, and embracing the scientific truths of the miracle of fetal development, the Democrat Party is obnoxiously pretending ultrasounds are still murky and babies are impossible to discern from globs of meaningless tissue.

And that’s why as more and more Americans, particularly young Americans, are desirous of increasing limitations on the scope and prevalence of abortion, the Democrat Party is noticeably digging in its heels.

If you didn’t know that, pay attention to what has happened in just the last several days:

  • Abortion obsessed Democrats in New York pass a heinous law that repeals legal protection for babies that survive an abortion attempt, and allows non-physicians to commit the dangerous procedure.
  • Abortion-obsessed Democrats in Virginia propose a law that would allow a full-term baby be cut apart moments before emerging from the womb.
  • Abortion-obsessed Democrat Governor of Rhode Island signals her support for legislation allowing abortion until the moment of birth.
  • Abortion-obsessed Governor of Virginia shockingly voices acceptance of nothing short of legalized infanticide, specifically for deformed babies.

In light of this, it seems there’s only one thing that can be done in response.  While the media will do all they can to push these scandals down the river, conservative media must uniformly refuse to let that happen.  A simple combination of two questions must now become routine for every Democrat candidate, officeholder, and spokesperson:

1.) When does human life begin?

2.) When should a human baby get legal protection?

No trick questions.  No attempt to beg the question.  Just simple, straightforward, and easy to understand.  If conservatives and Republicans fail to demand this, they are more than just politically foolish.  They are demonstrating a moral cowardice in the face of what has become an evil that is no longer even attempting to hide itself.

This article was originally published at PeterHeck.com