SPOTLIGHT: Going on Offense with Pro-Life Candidates

Written by Benjamin Smith

We’ve all heard the jokes about a new motto for the state of Illinois. The two most popular options seem to be: “Illinois, where our politicians also make our license plates” and “Illinois, where our politicians go from the statehouse to the big house.” Sadly, there’s no denying that our state leadership is ethically-challenged, but our Spotlight guest believes it doesn’t have to remain that way.

David Avignone, Executive Director of Illinois Citizens for Ethics PAC, joins Monte Larrick and David Smith to explain how ethics and morality must go hand-in-hand, intrinsically linked to a respect for life. They also discuss the upcoming Chicago mayoral election and the implications it holds for the pro-life cause, as well as the restrictions imposed by buffer zones at Planned Parenthood clinics and other abortion mills.

After the break, Avignone details how ICE-PAC seeks to go on the offensive by supporting bold, outspoken pro-life candidates in order to put the focus firmly on an unashamedly pro-life narrative. The tepid approach to pro-life issues yielded dismal results in the November election and ICE-PAC is hard at work now in order to be well-positioned for a successful outcome in 2020.

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