SPOTLIGHT: Dr. Erwin Lutzer: “Christians Are Now Playing Perpetual Away Games”

Written by Benjamin Smith

In this episode of Spotlight we are honored by the presence of the Reverend Dr. Erwin Lutzer, pastor emeritus of the Moody Church in Chicago.

Dr. Lutzer joins hosts Monte Larrick and David Smith to give an inviting preview of an upcoming speaking engagement which will feature his self-described legacy book, “The Church in Babylon: Heeding the Call to Be a Light in the Darkness.” Drawing parallels between the Jews in captivity in Babylon and the present-day Church besieged by worldly culture, Dr. Lutzer emphasizes that remaining faithful where God has called us is more important than “winning.” With wisdom and a delightful wit, he details what pastors, parishioners, parents, and grandparents must do now to engage and truly change the culture, as well as to help strengthen and equip the next generation of believers.

Dr. Lutzer, Monte, and David also discuss the erosion of religious freedom by both legislation and the “shame culture,” infiltration of false gospels in the evangelical church and the “folding” of the church, and the need for political involvement. They also touch on some of the devastating evils of our day such as abortion and infanticide, the push for legalized marijuana, assisted suicide, transgenderism, and more.

If this Spotlight conversation has piqued your interest, plan to attend Dr. Lutzer’s special presentation of, “When the State Becomes God” on Friday, February 22nd.