California Public High School Bans MAGA Hats

Written by Laurie Higgins

A spokesperson for the Clovis Unified School District in Fresno, California recently rationalized the decision of Clovis North High School to prohibit students from wearing MAGA hats to school, implying that the hats would be “distracting.” Translated: The school fears obnoxious leftist high school students will respond obnoxiously to the presence of peers wearing MAGA hats.

Everyone knows that conservative kids are far less likely to respond obnoxiously to, for example, Obama paraphernalia, therefore, such paraphernalia would not be a distraction, and, therefore, it would not be prohibited. Leftist brats, bullies, and boors win again.

Schools should not have ambiguous policies that are inconsistently applied in such a way as to reward the bad behavior of leftists or anyone else. Schools should establish policies that identify specifically the types of messages or objective content that is permitted and apply those policies consistently. If students respond inappropriately to paraphernalia they don’t like, they should be disciplined. Otherwise, the squeaky leftist wheels control what is expressed and worn.

If the leftists who control government schools really cared about creating a learning environment free of political distractions, they would establish policies that prohibit all clothing—including shirts, pants, and hats—that say anything. But they don’t.

I learned from my experience at Deerfield High School that many of the claims of leftist teachers are lies. They don’t value “inclusivity” or “diversity.” They don’t seek to make schools “safe” places for all students. They don’t care if Orthodox Jews, Muslims, or orthodox Christians feel excluded, uncomfortable, and “unsafe.”

One of the English teachers at Deerfield High School who taught the egregiously obscene and politically controversial play Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes said in the local press that it’s the job of English teachers to “challenge the emotions and morals” of their students. I responded in the press by asking three questions:

1.) Is that really their job?

2.) Who said that is part of the job of English teachers?

3.) Why didn’t he ever challenge the emotions and morals of liberal students through curricular resources?

Teachers can easily teach a stellar curriculum that challenges even the brightest students without selecting obscene plays and novels or texts that espouse controversial views on controversial topics, thereby making no student feel excluded, uncomfortable, or “unsafe” and offending no parent. But, the goals of “progressive” “change agents” are ideological not pedagogical.

These social justice warriors have no interest in intellectual diversity or critical thinking, which is why they don’t spend equal time having students study resources that espouse views with which they—the warriors—disagree, claiming such views make liberal students feel “unsafe.”

I wonder if on April 12, Clovis North High School will be permitting students to wear distracting, controversial Day of Silence t-shirts that affirm homosexuality and opposite-sex impersonation. Surely not.


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