SPOTLIGHT: The Drug Plague is Growing, What to Do?

Written by Benjamin Smith

This week we turn our Spotlight on Angela Camp, a drug addiction specialist with Bradford Health Services in Birmingham, Alabama. During an Illinois Church Action on Alcohol and Addiction Problems conference in Springfield, Ms. Camp met with Monte Larrick to discuss the escalating heroin epidemic in the United States and its connection to opioid and marijuana use and addiction.

Ms. Camp explains how availability, affordability, and changes in public perception have contributed to the increase in drug abuse in middle-class America. Our guest and host consider how social media influences a young adult’s progression from experimentation to addiction and Ms. Camp provides information about specific apps that ought to raise parental suspicion. Finally, Camp and Larrick cover the measures parents must take to keep their children safe and alive, as well as the action and support pastors and faith communities can provide to address this deadly plague.

The second half of the podcast features Peter Bensinger, former administrator of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (1976-1981). Monte Larrick spoke with Mr. Bensinger at the conclusion of a forum led by the non-profit organization Smart Approaches to Marijuana.

In their conversation, Bensinger addresses the strong likelihood that Illinois communities would experience weaponization of marijuana in much the same way as Colorado has. He strongly disputes the notion that Illinois could more successfully manage legalized marijuana than California and Colorado and states that legalization actually increases illegal drug activity that is specifically targeted to underage youth. Bensinger and Larrick discuss the facts that Illinois legislators must know before they attempt to legalize high-potency marijuana and the need for leadership who will be willing to prioritize children, young adults, and public health before politics.

Take ACTION: Please contact your state lawmaker and respectfully request they oppose this disastrous public policy. The Illinois Capitol switchboard number is (217) 782-2000.

Learn more: Visit for more information about the push for legal pot in Illinois.

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