SPOTLIGHT: Expanding Abortion Access in Illinois

Written by Benjamin Smith

Following on the heels of National Sanctity of Human Life Day, this week’s episode of Spotlight features Mary Kate Knorrthe executive director of Illinois Right to Life.

Ms. Knorr joins Monte Larrick for a thorough look at the anticipated attack on Illinois’ parental notification of abortion law and the devastating effects watering down this law – specifically by expanding the definition of the word “guardian” – will have on young girls in crisis. They also stress the imperative for concerned constituents to engage with elected officials, and to subsequently hold them accountable, regarding the issue of weakening or repealing parental notification.

After the break, Knorr and Larrick discuss how increasing easy access to abortion will aid the ultimate goal of Planned Parenthood and anti-life activists to make Illinois the abortion oasis of the Midwest. Ms. Knorr emphasizes the importance of cultivating strong relationships with our children and grandchildren (girls and boys) so they won’t be drawn in by a profit-driven, self-serving, corporate behemoth. The broadcast concludes as Knorr and Larrick touch on a possible proposal to legalize physician-assisted suicide in Illinois.

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