SPOTLIGHT: What’s the Dress Code?

Written by Benjamin Smith

This special edition of Spotlight features highlights from a post-Thanksgiving dialogue between David Smith, IFI’s Executive Director, and Stephanie Trussell on the Stephanie Trussell Show (WLS 890 AM).

Their initial topic of conversation addresses a local pastor who confronted a male church member who repeatedly attended worship dressed as a woman, the resulting social media reaction and backlash against the pastor, and the need to support pastors and church leaders who take a hard stance for adherence to Scripture and biblical principles.

The conversation moves on to the disappointment of the midterm election: lack of Republican leadership within the Party, low voter interest in and turnout for conservative candidates, the future of Illinois, and the need for more conservatives and Christians to run for political office.

David and Stephanie also discuss the disproportionate number of Planned Parenthood facilities and abortion clinics in minority neighborhoods and communities and Margaret Sanger’s abhorrent motivation that led to the genesis of PP. Our podcast concludes with speculation on a potential matchup in the 2020 Democratic Primary.

As part of the broadcast, Stephanie and David share some of the things in their lives for which they are thankful. Illinois Family Institute is thankful for the generous IFI partners who have provided us with a $100,000 matching grant opportunity. To learn more and to make a donation, please visit End-of-Year Matching Challenge.

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