SPOTLIGHT: Is Illinois An Abortion Oasis?

Written by Benjamin Smith

With January on the horizon, Monte Larrick and David Smith welcome Kevin Grillot to this edition of Spotlight. Mr. Grillot is the vice-president of March for Life Chicago and the executive director of weDignify, formerly Students for Life of Illinois.

Monte, David, and Kevin begin their time together with a discussion of the theme for March for Life Chicago 2019, “Unique from Day One: Pro-Life is Pro-Science.” They consider how a knowledge of science can help refute pro-abortionists’ arguments, which will hopefully lead to establishing a deeper connection on a heart level, and they stress the emotional importance of putting a face to the child in the womb. Kevin shares grim statistics and information that attest to Illinois’ growing and ignoble recognition as an “abortion oasis” in the Midwest.

The second half of the podcast presents more details about next month’s March for Life on January 13, 2019 and a call for all to participate. Kevin Grillot also talks about the vital work and life-changing impact of weDignify on college campuses across Illinois (and Wisconsin) and the increasing number of young adults who are open to and moving toward a pro-life worldview.

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