SPOTLIGHT: Post-Election Mortem (Part 1)

Written by Benjamin Smith

In the wake of the recent election in Illinois, it is easy to feel frustrated and discouraged. While the blue wave that was predicted to sweep Democrats into office on the federal level wasn’t as large and impressive as many were predicting, here in Illinois, we were soaked by a blue tsunami. Illinois Democrats will now have complete control of state government. To be more precise, not only does one party control the offices of Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Comptroller and Treasurer, but a single party will also have veto-proof super-majorities in both the Illinois Senate and the Illinois House of Representatives in the next session (2019-2020).

Illinois Family Action’s Board Chairman, Richard Hartian, joins the show to dissect the recent election results with Dave Smith and Monte Larrick.

On a national level, they discuss why it was vital for the GOP to retain control of the U. S. Senate, the Kavanaugh effect, what Republican candidates in general could have done better, and why certain republican candidates won or lost their re-election bids.

In the second half of the podcast they analyze Illinois election results, keying in on statewide turnout, conservative republican losses, and the uphill battle facing principled conservatives in the Illinois General Assembly. As time draws to a close, they touch on potential anti-family proposals coming from Springfield in January 2019 when the 101st General Assembly convenes. With much more to discuss, our guest and hosts will continue their conversation in our next episode of Illinois Family Spotlight – we hope you will join us!

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