SPOTLIGHT: Jeanne Ives’ State of the State

Written by David E. Smith

This week’s Spotlight features a presentation by one of Illinois’ finest, Jeanne Ives, who recently spoke in Rockford at a forum organized by Concerned Christian Americans, a chapter of Illinois Family Institute. Representative Ives recapped and analyzed the results for Illinois in the midterm election, keying in on specific races/areas where traditionally Republican strongholds switched from red to blue.

Representative Ives also discussed the need for cohesion within the Republican Party and highlighted what conservatives ought to do in order to take back seats in the next election cycle.

During the Q&A portion of the forum, Representative Ives addressed Republican campaign strategy, the need for voter education, unions’ influence on candidates and the election, the abysmal state of Illinois’ finances, consequences of one-party rule, and the importance of local, grassroots-level involvement in the political process.

Please listen and share with your like-minded Illinois friends and neighbors!

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