SPOTLIGHT: Embracing Lawlessness

Written by David E. Smith

This week we shine the Spotlight on a very accomplished and busy guest! Kathy Barnette is a wife, homeschooling mother of two, popular conference speaker, and conservative political commentator frequently seen on Fox News. She is a veteran, serving over 10 years in the Army Reserve and receiving acceptance to Officer Candidate School. Earlier in her career, Mrs. Barnette was an Adjunct Professor of Corporate Finance and Economics, and also worked as an analyst for two major Wall Street firms. Additionally, she served five years as a board member for a crisis pregnancy center.

In their time together, Mrs. Barnette, Monte Larrick, and David Smith discuss Kanye West’s recent meeting with President Trump and the Blexit movement – a mass exodus of black voters from the Democratic party. They also dissect the Left’s strategy to retain a supermajority of black voters and supporters which, at the same time, alienates the conservative majority, irrespective of race, and specifically demonizes conservative white males. The conversation concludes with a spirited discussion of the devastating practice of eugenics that has arisen from the racist agenda of Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood.

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