Gov. Rauner Doubles Down

Written by David E. Smith

Evidently, Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner has learned nothing from the razor-thin primary election. Instead, he’s doubling down on his pro-abortion, pro-“transgenderism” and pro-sanctuary state policies, suggesting that signing them into law was the “right” thing to do.

In a speech yesterday, he almost admits mistakes but asserts that his mistakes were, in reality, evidence of his over-zealous commitment to courage in the pursuit of right action.  In other words, he’s trying to spin his anti-conservative policy decisions as “courageous.” This is what he said:

Courage to do what’s right regardless of the political consequences and understanding that there are different points of view, different priorities and approaches, even when we share the same goal of wanting to improve Illinois. And by embracing courage and understanding, we can chart a new path for Illinois. That’s what I pledge to do over the next four years. Admittedly, I may have overdone it on the courage part at times. I’ve done things that cost me politically, because I was more focused on doing what was right.

Conservatives, are you getting the message? Rauner does not regret his Leftist social agenda. In fact, he views his commitment to a Leftist social agenda as a virtue. It also explains the Rauners’ $50,0000 personal check in support of abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

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