SPOTLIGHT: Illinois General Assembly Session Recap

Written by David E. Smith

In this week’s podcast episode, Illinois Family Institute lobbyist Ralph Rivera and contract lobbyist Mark Johnson join Monte Larrick to discuss some of the action, and inaction, that occurred during the spring Illinois General Assembly session.

Rivera and Johnson weigh in on Illinois’ new budget, the possibility of a tax increase after the November election and the House resolution proposing a progressive income (“fair tax”) plan, as well as the danger of an even greater Illinois Exodus than we’ve experienced to date. Additionally, they lament the lack of discussion (on both sides of the aisle) concerning pro-life issues and the refusal of Democratic leaders to allow any hearings on pro-life bills. The impact and implications of passage of SB 1564, funding for HB 40, and Illinois’ ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment are covered in detail.

Rounding out the podcast, Larrick, Rivera, and Johnson emphasize the importance of voting in November, especially for state representatives and senators. Potential legislation concerning legalization of high potency recreational marijuana; an LGBTQIA curriculum mandate that would require public and military schools to include pro-gay, bisexual, and transgender history in their curriculum and textbooks; changes to parental notification; physician-assisted suicide, and the expansion of casino and video gambling, coupled with the introduction of sports gambling, all mean that conservative voices in Springfield are needed now more than ever.

If conservative voters decide to sit out the election as backlash against Governor Bruce Rauner, it could hurt Republican candidates across the state. Thirteen pro-life Republicans are retiring and we must replace them with like-minded men and women. Other pro-life legislators are running in tightly contested races. A strong conservative turnout in the down-ballot races is vital to our success.

In addition, many center-right voters are fairly satisfied with the election of Donald Trump and are cheering his administrative agenda. There are many reasons to stand and applause the accomplishments by the Trump administration, but conservative voters cannot sit back thinking we can coast during this time. We stress the importance that our involvement in other federal, state and local races is more important than ever. We cannot ignore the impending threats against our values if there is a blue wave in November. It cannot be overstated: it is vital that we do everything within our power to run a strong “Get Out the Vote” effort in various key districts in our state if we hope to reinforce conservative voices in Springfield, and for that matter in Washington D.C.

Summer-Time Challenge

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Please consider helping us reach this goal!  Your donation will help us with a strong get-out-the-vote effort in the November election!  To make a credit card donation over the phone, please call the IFA office at (708) 781-9371.  You can also send a gift to:

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