The Biggest Threat to America’s Future Is the Media

Written by Rick Hayes

The United States of America is by far the most powerful nation on Planet Earth, spending about as much on defense as the entire rest of the world.  According to a report on globalization from Credit Suisse, the U.S. has maintained its position as the world’s strongest military.  As an example, although Russia has the most substantial number of tanks, approximately 15,000, with the U.S. coming in at around 8,000, the U.S. tops the list in military aircraft with approximately 14,000, submarines at 72, and ten fleet aircraft carriers and two more under construction.

There is just no realistic way for any outside entity to physically take over the streets of a country whose known weaponry is capable of incinerating the globe many times over.  You will never see an Iranian tank rolling down Park Avenue in Manhattan.  The reason many Hollywood sci-fi movies have the invading extraterrestrials focused on taking over and destroying Washington, D.C. and not Rome or Caracas is that much of the movie-going world realizes that if the capital of the world’s superpower goes, it’s pretty much game over for the rest of the big blue marble.

So, with the odds of any real threat of invasion to the U.S. coming from a foreign country at near zero,  the only possible way the American people can lose their freedom is through an internal collapse – a breakdown not only of the rule of law, culture, and language, but Judeo-Christian values upon which America built its foundation.  If there is a playbook on the specific steps needed to dismantle America from within, it is indeed in use today.  There is no secret how the left has been amazingly successful in such a short period.

Outnumbered and without supporting evidence or facts to back up its globalist, anti-American rhetoric, the left relies entirely on the full support of the media.  Today, the media in the United States are not objective seekers and disseminators of truth.  In truth, the media serve as the propagandist and protector of the forces that want to change America from a constitutional republic to a socialist state. The evidence is clear and overwhelming of the countless times the media have selectively covered what promotes leftist ideals and ignored or altered the facts of what exposes the sinister leftist agenda.  The clear examples of media bias, misinformation, and deceit are inescapable.

It’s hard to imagine that the news organizations we have all grown up with and trusted all our lives are now actively undermining our system of government and using their far-reaching influence to divide the population in their effort to control better.  With the full assistance of the media, the leftist plan to alter America’s course from a free to a significantly oppressed society has become more of a reality.  Continuous and relentless leftist propaganda distributed by the media most certainly has an impact on the American psyche.  It is the deliberate intention of the media to successfully elevate the fringe leftist element in America and demonize all types of speech and opinion that run counter to the leftist program.

The media can no longer hide behind the benign image of a sometimes left-leaning communications entity because they have exposed themselves for what indeed they are: active participants in the dismantling of traditional American values.  Anything short of acknowledging this realization is dealing with the self-defeating activity of self-deception.

The pervasively destructive demand for politically correct language extinguishes the essential means of communication.  It is a fundamental part of liberty that Americans need to speak freely and openly without concern regarding hurting the feelings of others.  Political correctness is a weapon in the arsenal of the left, and free-thinking Americans should resist legitimizing such a tactic and refrain from using that weapon against themselves.

It is not hyperbolic to say today’s mainstream media are an enemy of truth, conservative thought, and the authority of the United States Constitution.  Many young, as well as some seasoned journalists in today’s media are not capable of reporting the truth, either because of their leftist indoctrination in liberal universities or out of fear of the consequences from the leftist editorial boards of most media outlets.

There is no question that the left aims at changing America in the worst possible way, but its efforts would go largely unnoticed if not for the sympathetic and like-minded media.

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