An Update on the Republican State Central Committee Party Leadership Vote

Written by John Biver and David E. Smith

Illinois Family Action wants to provide an update regarding the upcoming leadership vote tomorrow of the Illinois Republican State Central Committee (SCC).

The Illinois GOP SCC is the state party’s governing board, with one member chosen from each congressional district. Those elections took place last month at county party conventions across the state. Tomorrow, the SCC will meet to elect a party chairman for a four-year term.

The reason this committee and the party chairman is important is that the quality of messaging, candidate recruitment, and support are dependent on the quality of the party leaders.

Up until a few days ago, there was going to be a challenger to incumbent party chairman Tim Schneider. As we understand itMark Shaw, his would-be challenger, instead made a deal to become “co-chairman,” a position newly created by Schneider.

Republican activists across the state of Illinois are concerned about the way the deal was made behind the proverbial closed doors. Many grassroots leaders have expressed concern about how this arrangement was made and the fact that the Illinois GOP SCC would choose to continue with Schneider at the helm. Moreover, we have been given zero details on how this new position of “co-chairman” would work.

The fact is, Tim Scheider’s record is beyond disappointing. Under his “leadership,” the Illinois GOP was nowhere to be seen as House Speaker Michael Madigan (D-Chicago) and Senate President John Cullerton (D-Chicago) pushed through a 30 percent income tax on the working families of the state. Where was the public information campaign to generate grassroots opposition to the 2017 taxpayer mugging by Democrats? Any conservative political leader worth his salt would have taken full advantage of this unpopular scheme and fight the tax and spend liberals who only want to prop up irresponsible spending at the Capitol.

Under Schneider’s “leadership,” the Illinois GOP sat on the sidelines as Leftists in the Illinois General Assembly banned certain types of counseling for minors, mandated abortion referrals for pro-life medical professionals, approved easier access to falsified birth certificates for “trans”-identifying men and women, and expanded taxpayer- funding of abortion.  Of course, all these proposals were signed into law by our left-wing Republican governor, Bruce Rauner. Again, Schneider failed to oppose these radical bills.

These are missed opportunities to reach out to connect with center-right voters, offer them alternative solutions, promote conservative ideas and boost the Illinois GOP brand and it’s wonderful platform.

For those reasons among others, Illinois Family Action, like most conservatives across the state, continues to have no confidence in Schneider, or his sponsor, Governor Bruce Rauner.

Last week IFA called for conservatives to attend the SCC meeting that takes place tomorrow. Today, it seems that since the deals have already been made, conservatives are encouraged to attend only if they want to see the spectacle.

IFA also encourages grassroots conservatives to contact your state central committee member and let him or her know what think about about Schneider’s failed leadership, just as you would any of your other elected officials.

Your state central committee member can be found below. They are listed according to congressional districts. For example, if you live in the 1st Congressional District, your state central committee member is Shawn Murphy.

CLICK HERE to find which congressional district you live in. The last person listed under the Federal Directory is your U.S. Representative. Click on his/her name to find which congressional district they represent. Then choose the person from that district below.

1st Congressional District: Shaun Murphy

2nd Congressional District: Judy Diekelman

3rd Congressional District: Sean Morrison

4th Congressional District: Jay Reyes

5th Congressional District: Jack Dorgan

6th Congressional District: Bob Grogan

7th Congressional District: Mark Hosty

8th Congressional District: Ryan Higgins

9th Congressional District: Char Foss-Eggman

10th Congressional District: Mark Shaw

11th Congressional District: Roger Claar

12th Congressional District: Barb Viviano

13th Congressional District: Fred Floreth

14th Congressional District: Stan Bond

15th Congressional District: Chapin Rose (seat is under legal challenge)

16th Congressional District: John McGlasson

17th Congressional District: Jan Weber

18th Congressional District: Michael Bigger


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