The $1.3 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill: NeverTrumpers Squeal With Joy

Written by John Biver

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) would not have signed the massive spending bill last Friday if he were president.

Ed Straker at American Thinker lists a series of Tweets by Ted Cruz that lay out some of the truly ugly/awful/terrible and inexcusable contents found in that $1.3 trillion-dollar budget.

Here are just a few of those Tweets:

— Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) March 22, 2018

This is why I’ll vote against the omnibus spending bill:

In 2016, the American people voted overwhelmingly for Republicans to change Washington.

Now, Congress is poised to do the exact opposite: pass a massive $1.3 trillion spending bill — 2200 pages drafted by the Swamp in the dark of night — that will plunge our nation even deeper into debt.

The disastrous elements of this bill are almost too numerous to list.

It continues to fund Planned Parenthood, a corrupt organization whose horrifying abortion practices should preclude it from receiving taxpayer dollars.

For a glimmer of good news, read this from the Daily Signal: Here Are the 95 Republicans Who Opposed the Omnibus Spending Bill. U.S. Representative Darin LaHood of the 18th District was the lone Republican in Illinois to vote against this irresponsible spending measure.

I write here not to defend Trump signing the bill. One reason why I won’t defend him can be found in this article by Daniel John Sobieski: “Funding the Planned Parenthood Chop Shop”:

Irony has been redefined in the omnibus budget bill, where there is funding for both fighting opioid addiction and Planned Parenthood, meaning the government is simultaneously paying for the saving and destruction of human life.

Defunding Planned Parenthood is something more than a campaign promise. Life is supposed to be the first unalienable right conferred on us by our Creator. Liberals are also supposed to be in favor of “safe spaces.”  One would think the womb should be the safest space of all. It is not so considered on K Street.

Nevertheless, I don’t think Trump’s signature on this budget bill is bringing on America the apocalypse.

Watch this video to see Congressman Darrell Issa defending Trump:

Departing Congressman Darrell Issa with Neil Cavuto a few hours ago on Fox Business. Issa says Republicans in Congress need to embrace Trumpism in order to win in midterms.

They absolutely need to embrace Trumpism, just as conservatives in Illinois need to. There is little hope for Illinois outside of Trumpism.

Also worth reading is a post by David Catron at the American Spectator: “Trump, the Omnibus, and the Art of the Real: No, Trump hasn’t betrayed his supporters.” In defending Trump, Catron looks at the good within the bill, quotes passages from Trump’s The Art of the Deal, and cites White House budget director Mick Mulvaney about why Trump signed the bill:

Because it funds his priorities.… Is it perfect? No. Is it exactly what we asked for in the budget? No. Were we ever going to get that? No.

Why weren’t they ever going to get it? The 60-vote rule.

I’ll close with the strongest point that can be made about why we continue to see Republicans in Washington, D.C. misbehave (and use the 60-vote rule as an excuse). In an article by Larry Getlin at the New York Post titled How McConnell and Chao used political power to make their family rich, a new book by Peter Schweizer is introduced:

His new book, Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friendsexposes how politicians engage in “corruption by proxy” by exploiting family and business ties to enrich themselves and their relatives.

As “Monty Pelerin” wrote in an article for American Thinker, “Many in this country still do not believe how corrupt their government is.”

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