News from the Illinois Political Front Lines: Part 2 — Conservative Energy is Growing at the Grassroots Level

Written by John Biver

Many eyes instantly glaze over at the mention of “grassroots” level politics. Conservatives who don’t look to government or the political arena for their sustenance, tend to prefer to leave the fray to others.

In Illinois, that is a problem. The fiscal and moral mess of our state doesn’t exactly attract the best and brightest into the arena. Yet our can be flipped if those silent conservatives across the state (and yes, even in Chicago) step up and join the fight.

Former candidate for governor Jeanne Ives recently told a group of Republicans downstate to encourage their fellow conservatives to not just sit around complaining but do something by getting involved.

If you’re in the west suburbs of Chicago, a terrific group to connect with is West Suburban Patriots. Members of that organization had a lot to do with Bob Grogan’s victory in the race to become the State Central Committee member from the 6th Congressional district.

A network of conservatives is also growing called “The Illinois Conservative Union.” Members of the group are planning for what happens after Bruce Rauner’s probable defeat in November. West Suburban Patriot leader Carol Davis said, “We need to be ready.”

Downstate activist Pam Johnson told Illinois Family Action that she was delighted that Fred Floreth was reelected to the State Central Committee in the 13th district. “He’s an excellent SCC member…he keeps people informed…before he was our representative we didn’t even know that we had a rep.” Those who have soured on Illinois GOP politics might enjoy reading what Johnson said about Floreth: “We know we can trust him.”

Johnson also said that conservatives “don’t know the power they have,” and too many “don’t know what they should be doing.” Stressing the need for more conservatives to serve at the elected Republican Precinct Committeeman level, she said that word of mouth is crucial. When you meet a good conservative, Johnson said, you should ask them if they’re a Precinct Committeeman!

Illinois is a national joke due to its fiscal fiasco and its “Republican” governor who signs left-wing social policy legislation into law (such as taxpayer funded abortions). Many thousands of people continue to move out of the state, many taking their businesses with them. Many thousands more are planning to call U-Haul soon.

But political conservatives who remain have chosen not to surrender to the bipartisan cabal that morally and fiscally bankrupted the state. And they are organizing behind the scenes and building a “party leadership structure in exile” much like wartime countries have been forced into creating in history. Only these local leaders are not in exile — they’re on the ground here in Illinois.

For those conservatives willing to fight to save Illinois, there are some very positive developments that should encourage them to stay in the battle.

Something also that should not be ignored is how candidate and now President Donald Trump is taking conservatives to school daily, showing how to fight — and that winning is possible — even on the social issues. More on that in part three.

Up next: The biggest reason for the uptick in conservative energy

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