Reasserting the Purpose of the U.S. Military

Written by Micah Clark

President Donald Trump may have disappointed many who wish the Republican Party would remember it’s smaller government principles with his signing of the Omnibus-spending bill.  At least he hasn’t’ forgotten the basic principles of our U.S. Military.

Late last week the President issued a directive to the U.S. Military prohibiting people who have a gender identity disorder (gender dysphoria) from serving in the military.  The so called “transgender ban” is based upon advice from his military advisors in response to the many problems the disorder can cause in military readiness, medical costs, troop morale and effectiveness.

In a memo to the president, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis cited “substantial risks” about military personnel who seek to change or who question their gender identity. He found that individuals with a history or diagnosis of gender dysphoria present a risk to military effectiveness and “could undermine readiness, disrupt unit cohesion, and impose an unreasonable burden on the military that is not conducive to military effectiveness and lethality.”   That sentence asserts the basic purpose of the military, which is to be an effective fighting force of war and destruction to our enemies, not a social experiment for a justification of new cultural behaviors.

This new policy will enable the military to apply the necessary mental and physical health standards-including equally to all individuals who want to join and fight for the best military force the world has ever seen without concern for hormone treatments, or sexual mutilation surgeries to accommodate one’s mental confusion.

This article was originally published by AFA of Indiana.